In the fall of 2014, founding board members and local businesswomen, Melissa Glick and Jessika Buell, were inspired by international startup entrepreneur Daniel Epstein, Founder and CEO of Unreasonable Institute who challenged entrepreneurs to step up in their communities, form support groups and foster creativity and innovation.  Taking this message to heart, Glick and Buell teamed up, combined their passion for business and community, and created a space for professional women to thrive.  At their first event, women poured through the doors, enthusiastic yet starved for more opportunities to connect with each other.  Attracting women-thought leaders on a local and national level to their events, PWN brings in speakers and interactive experiences for women with the purpose of elevating and empowering women. Today, PWN is the largest professional women’s group in the Four Corners Region.  

Melissa Glick, PWN Co-Founder

CEO, Think Network Technologies 


2019 Morley Ballantine Award Recipient

Other awards


 Jessika Buell, PWN Co-Founder

CEO, Lucky Services 

CEO, Marketing Concepts Squared

Co-Owner, The Vault

2019 Entrepreneur of the Year